Ohlédnutí za naším druhým rokem - za rokem 2023 ✨

Looking back at our second year - 2023 ✨

It's absolutely incredible to realize how fast time flies and how our dream has become an everyday part. When we started in 2021, we had big dreams, but Peter and I had no idea if they were real. But thanks to you and your interest in our floral creations, we found that they are more than real. That they are actually already happening and being fulfilled. And for that we want to thank you all very much. To everyone who has our picture hanging at home and it makes them happy every day. To everyone who made someone else happy with our picture. Because that's exactly what makes us happy. 🌸

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At the beginning of 2023, we have already been at Depo2015 for three quarters of a year, still excited about our workshop and its size. We created in two or three people and were looking forward to spring, when everything starts to bloom. With the arrival of spring, not only the trees and flowers outside bloomed, but also our market stalls, and the wedding season slowly began. And here, last year's events are divided into 3 main categories - wedding season, markets and workshops. 😊

In March, the first bouquet arrived and we pressed it with enthusiasm, looking forward to the next one. After the experience of the first year, when we pressed about 200 bouquets, we expected a similar, maybe a little more interest. So we looked forward and developed a booking form that will allow brides to book a date and make our work a little easier. We wanted to please as many brides as possible, so that we would not have to reject any of the bouquets due to capacity reasons. To do this, we went to the markets since April (see the previous blog about markets ☺️ ) and enthusiastically met you all live. 

LissWood Blatná 2023

But in May, we started receiving so many wedding flowers that we had to significantly expand not only our team of girls, but also the premises. And so we acquired a pressing room in Depo for half a year and recruited about 10 brave girls to join us. The pressing marathon was thus started and we just kept up with the demand. The girls pressed in the heat with air conditioners next to each other until late in the evening, making sure that all the flowers were pressed to the best of their ability. We were in the workshop for exactly the same amount of time to glue the individual flowers together again and create beautiful memories out of them. And we thank our part-time girls for that.🤍

We worked like this until October, going to the market here and there, holding workshops and just managing to make paintings from our flowers for the e-shop. During the summer, Barča left us, and we needed not just one, but two new enthusiastic souls, thanks to whom we could move a little further. And so we met Lucka and Zuzka. ❤️

Lucka came to us from the customs office, tired of bureaucracy and excited about flower creation. Zuzi successfully completed her bachelor's degree at the end of the summer and joined us as an enthusiastic graphic artist and creator with a creative side. Over the course of two months, the girls had so much fun with us and learned a lot of new things that, thanks to them, we managed to finish all the wedding flowers in time and started preparing for Christmas. And for that we thank them very much. You girls are great. 🫶

The LissWood team

We knew very well that Christmas would be one big mess. But we didn't know it was that big. Your interest was sooooo big that we were producing up to 170 paintings a week and that was still not enough. 🤭 In addition, we have planned 4 markets - Ostrava, Prague, Pilsen and pre-Christmas Brno. But we managed everything beautifully, so we had a well-deserved rest for Christmas. 🎄

LissWood Mint Market


During the summer, however, it became clear to us that the space in the Depot was no longer sufficient for us, that we needed something bigger and more comfortable. Especially for wedding pressing and our production, when we barely managed to move in 25 square meters with 5 people. And so we searched until we found - and not even that far away - nice, large premises right in Pilsen on Slovanská nad Papírnou. And after a very long thought, due to their size (over 200 m2!!), we decided to build our first tiny shop for you, a kind of showroom. 🤗 It was one of our dreams and goals, we were just waiting for the right opportunity and, given the rent prices, for suitable premises. So we'll be excited to see you there in the spring. ❤️

We don't know the exact opening date yet, at the end of January, after a major renovation, we will first have a huge move, furnishing and, finally, the creation of the showroom itself. But we will let you know in time. 😊

LissWood showroom

The year 2023 was again a year of great changes, new discoveries, creations and methods for us. And also new personal records, meeting new people and charging with a lot of experiences. If we take it in numbers, we expected about 300 wedding bouquets. And in the end there were more than 500 AMAZING!!! And that's not to mention thousands of orders from the e-shop. We are so incredibly grateful for that and we can't wait to see what awaits us now in 2024. We have big, beautiful and especially floral plans again.

Happy new year, may everything flourish for you too. 🌼

With love for flowers, Veronika

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