LissWood na designových marketech a proč tomu neradi říkáme trhy 😁

LissWood at design markets and why we don't like to call it markets 😁

When I started blogging 3 months ago, I thought I would write an article every 14 days. But the reality is a little different and only now has I found some time again so that I can tell you something behind the scenes of LissWood - this time about the design markets where you can meet us in various cities throughout the Czech Republic. The main reason why we started with markets last year was that, although we are now based in DEPO2025 in Pilsen, we only have production premises (workshop 😊) not a shop. And as our Barča saleswoman likes to say, LissWood needs to be experienced with all the senses! Feel our frame, smell the wood and try all the details of the flowers. Because in person it always surprises everyone how sturdy, massive and heavy the painting is. And not only that, but also chat with us and be able to take home your dream piece. 🌸

First experience with a stand in Blatná

The very first market we ever found ourselves at was in July 2022 our currently very popular Rose Exhibition in Blatná , where the name alone tells you a lot. 🌹Thousands of roses, our tiny stand right across from the old church, beautiful weather and unbelievably nice people gave us a clear message - we need to start traveling more among you.

Design market in Prague

Since we are not picky, last autumn in October we decided to go to our first and literally the biggest market here - the Dyzajn market in Prague's Holešovice. A month in advance, we drew a plan of the stand, decided how to display the pictures in the best possible way and how to plan everything. Petr came up with wooden A's on which we hung the pictures and I thought of how to make the stand as nice as possible. Since our paintings are not very small and the market was for two days, we decided to rent a van, as I was always worried about having enough of everything with us. 😄 3 weeks before the event, we produced one hundred and six paintings, packed all the paintings in ten fifteen-kilogram boxes, and on the Friday before the event, we left for the big city.

Market LissWood designLissWooD Design Market PragueLissWood Prague

It was a two-day experience, in beautiful autumn weather - morning fog and all-day sunshine. We met so many people for the first time that I was full of emotions for a week afterwards. But also extremely tired, because it was 12-hour shifts and all-day standing with talking points. But it gave us so much experience that we didn't regret it one bit and after the end of Christmas we started planning more markets.

Mint Market on Prague's Náplavka No. 1

This year, however, due to affordability, we were interested in more Mint markets , which are not only in Prague, but visit a different city throughout the Czech Republic every week. And so we signed up and were selected in April for our second Prague market, this time on Náplavka. Even though we had a stand as big as in Holešovice last year (3 x 3 m), we decided to make do with our car Koudy instead of a van and put his coffin on the roof. We thought about how to make our market offer even more special for you. That is why we started to produce our smallest pictures, in A6 size, especially for the markets, which from now on you can see and buy at every other one of our markets. Peter's wooden A proved to be useful and we were able to leave. The weather played into our hands again, the people were great, the view divine and we left after this Sunday in April satisfied and for the first time even a little less tired (probably less stress 😂)

LissWood Naplavka PragueLissWood Naplavka PragueLissWood Naplavka Prague

Brno, baby!

Our goal this year was to go around the biggest Czech cities, that's why I thought we'd come to see you, even with an overnight stay, all the way to Brno. Here we experienced the stand for the first time indoors, at the Green Market. And despite our fears, it was great as always. So, Moravia, shake at us again next time. ☺️

LissWood BrnoLissWood Brno

Prague Náplavka with Mint market No. 2

The next stop with the Mint market was supposed to be the market in Tábor, but we were not chosen here due to the great interest and the lack of larger tents. That's why we applied again in June to Náplavka in Prague, which is the closest to us from Pilsen. But the holidays were already starting and there weren't as many people as we all expected. Even so, we enjoyed a beautiful sunny day in a divine place in Prague - on Náplavka with a capital N.

Prague LissWood

Exhibition of roses in Blatná No. 2

As I already wrote, the first Rose Exhibition in Blatná found a place in our hearts, and we found a place in Blatná's heart again, because we received an invitation for this year as well (yuppie!)! So at the beginning of July, we found ourselves in the same place as last year, again surrounded by thousands of roses, this time in red and enjoying the whole day with a local program and a lot of customers. Even the same people as last year came to visit us to expand their collection of paintings. ❤️

Muddy LissWoodMuddy LissWoodMuddy LissWood

Pilsen, Pilsen, Pilsen!

The last market we attended a few days ago was the two-day Mint market in Pilsen in Smetanovo sady - in my favorite part of the city ever. Since I am a native of Pilsen, I was really looking forward to this Mint. But he was in the week and Petr could not participate with me. And so we called our girls from the workshop for the first time. Despite the first experience with rain, Pilsen brought us 2 beautiful days and a lot of familiar and new people. The girls and I managed the two days absolutely perfectly and I was very happy that we could rely on them. We thank them for that. 🤎

Pilsen LissWood

What awaits us next? And what about the word TRH? 😁

In order to even get to that word, I'd rather pull it out first. We ourselves call these events markets, jokingly calling ourselves marketers, and it's actually quite right! But none of us would have ever imagined that we would also experience it from the seller's point of view. However, we still prefer the word market, because these are not just ordinary markets, but a showcase of all possible beautiful creators from all corners of our country. All excited to show you what we've made. Which I find so beautiful that it simply deserves a better word than just market. ☺️

And where else can you meet us this year? 🤩

The next event was supposed to be on September 17th again in Prague at Náplavka, but unfortunately we no longer have a tent left and we don't have our own. So we had to cancel this event, but we sent the application to Ostrava ! If it works out, you will see us and the paintings on the other side of the Czech Republic already on November 4. It will be quite rare on our part, so we hope that as many of you as possible will come from Ostrava and the surrounding area, whether just to say hello or to buy the first Christmas presents. 🥰

In the last month of December, we would like to spend 2 days in Pilsen and finally 2 days in Brno. So keep your fingers crossed that it works out and we will slowly get ready.

You know what's the best thing about all of this? That we experience all these events mainly thanks to you, people who love design and appreciate honest handwork. Thank you very much for that.

With love


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