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About us

We create floral and forest pictures, which we place in handmade wooden frames.

The idea to create flower and forest pictures came about during our frequent wanderings through nature and mainly thanks to our love for nature.

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Doručujeme po celém světě.

Ruční tvorba

Obrazy tvoříme ručně od rámu, přes sběr, lisování až po jeho kompletaci.

Český výrobek

Zakládáme si na tradicích a lokálnosti.

  • 1. F L O W E R S

  • 2. F E R N S

  • 3. M O S S

  • 4. E U C A L Y P T U S

  • 5. V O U C H E R S

  • 6. S U N D R I E S

A collection of paintings full of flowers from meadows and gardens! Floral paintings play with all colors and shapes. What about a meadow, a romantic wreath or a heart full of love?

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From moss and ferns. But this collection is only about ferns from the Czech forests. From small ferns to half a meter large, you will find it all in this royal forest collection.

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The previous collection is about ferns, but this one is full of moss. Green, fluffy, with a pine cone or a twig, this is our moss in a handmade wooden frame.

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Eucalyptus is not just for koalas. Discover its gray-green charm and create a piece of jungle at home.

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Don't know what to make happy? Give your loved ones a gift certificate. Choose from classic values ​​or give a voucher for a picture from a wedding bouquet.

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Here you will find everything you can do with or without the picture to please yourself and your loved ones. Because there is no substitute for giving from the heart in a card printed on natural paper or with a live flower.
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Our and your favorite service

Frames from a wedding bouquet

Do you want to keep a beautiful memory of your wedding in the form of a floral wedding image from your wedding bouquet?

You are right here!

More information can be found here
A card full of flowers
Common price
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Louka canvas bag
Common price
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Gift voucher - a picture of a wedding bouquet
Common price
€170,95 €352,95
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€170,95 €352,95
Wishes From love
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