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A picture from a wedding bouquet as a memory of a wedding for a lifetime ❤️

Wedding season has already started, so it's the perfect time for this wedding blog post. If you're not a bride-to-be yet, keep reading! We not only press wedding bouquets, but also birthday, anniversary bouquets or those you just get.

A little bit about how the pressing of wedding bouquets started here

When we started with pictures as such two years ago, there was not a word about pictures from wedding bouquets. We were so busy with the realization of the entire creation of LissWood that we didn't even think of this in the first place. Until the bride herself asked us if we could press her bouquet. And we said YES. 😊 We pressed it at home and it was actually more of an experiment, but it turned out beautifully. We even managed to document it . Take a look for yourself:

bridal bouquetwedding picturesBurn date and names

And so we started offering the pressing of wedding bouquets to the public as well. We found that many brides are sorry to throw away the bouquet, so they often dry it with the flowers down and then keep it in a vase as a dry binding. Or they simply throw the flower away because they don't want a dust collector at home. Pressed and framed, it is no longer a dust collector, it will become not only a beautiful blossoming memory of your wedding day, but also a very original decoration of your home. Over 180 wedding bouquets passed through our hands last year, from which we created an (unbelievable for us) 275 paintings that now decorate homes. 🤍

How to know that your bouquet is suitable for pressing?

You often worry whether your bouquet will be suitable for pressing. You ask in flower shops, where they do not have much experience with pressing and therefore they do not always find flowers suitable for pressing. We are happy to say that 98% of all flowers are suitable for pressing and our pictures are proof of that. We had a chance to check it out because a large number of all possible species had passed under our hands. We press roses, peonies, carnations, tulips, buttercups, dahlias, bluebells, eucalyptus, grasses, all green leaves and all other flowers of all kinds. So you don't have to worry, and above all, please don't take the advice of others that something can't be pressed. The only things that really cannot be pressed are various pulpy berries, blackberries, cacti and, for example, the oleander, which has become popular in bouquets. If you really want to check it out, write to us directly and we will be more than happy to answer your specific type of flower.

And if you want to keep the bouquet anyway, you can send us just the flowers from the decoration. There are always plenty of them at a wedding too, and they also match the wedding bouquet. The memory is just as beautiful.

How does such pressing and creation take place?

In order to tell you something from our behind-the-scenes, I will describe to you - perhaps at least a little fun - what happens with the flower when it arrives from you. The vast majority of bouquets arrive to us via the Czech Post, packed in a box. We accept the box and find out which bride the given bouquet is from (we always pray that the bride does not forget to add her personal information to the bouquet, because tracking down the owners of the bouquets is no fun 😁). We will take a picture of the bouquet, so that we have the right template when composing the picture. Then comes its disassembly, sorting of species and folding into the press itself. A lot of species can be pressed whole, but not many others. For example, roses, peonies, buttercups, etc. - all rich flowers with lots of petals must be broken down into individual petals and neatly stacked next to each other. The whole process of folding the bouquet into the press takes us approximately an hour and a half. And now bear in mind that on some days even 8 of them arrive at once. 😊

pressing a bouquet - rosespressing - Veronika and Petr

But the entire pressing process does not end there. For several days in a row, it is necessary to replace wet papers with dry ones on all floors in the presses, and thus preserve the correct colors and structure of the flowers. With the fact that some species need more air, some, on the contrary, more pressure, some need to change papers more often, some, on the other hand, do not need it at all. We too are constantly learning new things while pressing and improving the process. It is simply alchemy with a beautiful result. 🌸

After a month, it is pressed and we rush to create the image design. The petals, which were previously disassembled, are glued together one by one, thus creating the appearance of the original flowers. It is a small and delicate work, but it has a great influence on the final result of the picture. According to your wishes, we arrange the flowers either in a puget (for us the most beautiful formation and most similar to the original bouquet), scattered, scattered from the corners, in the shape of a heart or a wreath. Once the design is complete, we send it to the bride for approval. We then discuss possible changes, create additional images upon request and then frame everything. Finally, we burn the names, date, place of the wedding, a heart or anything else the bride wishes on the frames. We have a great wood burner that can handle all of this and thus make the memory of your day even more amazing (and remind men when it's your anniversary 🤭).

peonies - image from a wedding bouquet, burning date, names

How to secure a place for your wedding bouquet with us

Because we wanted to make it easier for you and us, this year we had the developer create a form for pictures of wedding bouquets (hooray 😊). You can secure a place for your flower by filling out the form. Ideally before the wedding, so that we know that your bouquet will arrive. In case you change your mind after the wedding (because your bouquet will be more beautiful than you thought), or you find out about us after the wedding or receive a voucher as a wedding gift, you can also fill out the form retrospectively .

gift voucher - a picture of a wedding bouquet

In it, you choose which image or images you would like of flowers. The size, arrangement of the flowers, the color of the frame and, last but not least, what we burn on the frame/s and whether we include a ribbon in the picture. The form is very simple and should not take more than a few minutes to fill out. If you fill it out and find after the wedding that you would rather have more pictures than you originally intended, it is no problem at all to write to us and we will change the order. Based on the completed form, you will receive an email with information about sending the bouquet, send/take the bouquet to us in Pilsen, and then all you have to do is look forward to the pictures. 🥰

transformation - a picture from a wedding bouquet - meadow flowers and a peony

So if you already know about us and the picture from the wedding bouquet is your dream, don't forget to fill out the form . Our voucher has become a very popular wedding gift, so if you are not having a wedding yourself, but are going to your friend's wedding, we have a tip for an original gift. And we're off to get our boards, newspaper, and our green scissors ready, because as of this weekend, the 2023 wedding season has officially begun.

With love for flowers and wedding memories 🤍


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