Chci si nechat vylisovat svatební kytici - jaké druhy jsou pro to vhodné? 🌸

I want to have a wedding bouquet pressed - what types are suitable for this? 🌸

You ask us this question very often, and that's why I decided to write here what is the most important thing when choosing a wedding bouquet that you want to have pressed as a keepsake.

But before I go into the individual list of flowers, please stick to one rule - choose flowers and their colors primarily so that you will be happy and excited about them on your wedding day. Don't worry so much about whether they can be pressed or not. We are very skilled and can already print anything today. ☺️

The very second rule, which is really very important, is the rule that if you want to have a beautiful image after the wedding, you need to make sure that all the flowers in the bouquet/in the arrangements are fresh. A florist or the given flower shop or flower farm should always help you ensure this. A fresh flower is one that has not been cut in a vase in a cooler for more than a week before the wedding. This is because the longer the flower is cut, the more it manifests itself in browning during pressing, even though at first glance it may seem that all the flowers were beautiful during the wedding. 🙏🏻

The third rule is to keep the bouquet in water as much as possible, change the water every day and cut the stems of the flowers by at least 2 cm with a sharp knife/scissors every day. It is also ideal to keep the flower in a cool place until it is sent to us, especially in the summer.

The fourth rule is the rule of early delivery to us. The sooner you send/deliver the bouquet to us personally, the better the result will be. If the wedding is on a Friday or at the weekend, it is ideal to send the bouquet on Monday morning. All this and much more, including instructions for wrapping the bouquet, will always arrive in your email after making a reservation in our booking form. 🙌🏻

And now a continuation for all brides who have an idea about a wedding bouquet, but would like to get advice on which types are pressed better and look very beautiful in pictures afterwards. 🤗

We definitely recommend having a bouquet always composed of several main larger flowers and only then adding smaller flowers to them, this will then create the right beautiful effect in the picture.

It is not possible to list all the types of flowers in the world, but I have decided to list the most common types, including our experiences with them. Below each is an illustrative photo borrowed from the Loukykvět website - of course, the given species can have many variants and colors. 😊

Those that are perfectly suitable for pressing are marked in green.

Yellow ones, which are not so suitable anymore, but if they arrive fresh, the result will still be nice.

I mark in red those that are better to avoid.


Astra - There are many types of aster, they are pressed nicely. However, if they are not too rich. We recommend simpler flowers.

Zinnia - Same as Aster, they press well if not too rich. We recommend simpler flowers and having them in water as much as possible.

Černucha - Great for pressing, but be careful, if it is not in water, it falls off quickly.

Delphinium/stračka - Ideal flower for pressing, holds colors beautifully.

Fiala - Suitable, but it rots from the stems rather quickly, it is important to change the water.

Freesia - Suitable and keeps fresh for a long time.

Gerbera - Suitable and keeps fresh for a long time.

Hlaváč - Also suitable, very nice flower.

Hledík - Less suitable, you can press it, but the result is not always so nice (relatively pulpy flower).

Hydrangea - Very suitable, but here be careful about freshness and the fact that it withers very quickly without water.

Pea - Very suitable, the result is nice.

Cornflowers - Suitable, but they wilt quickly on hot summer days.

Chrysanthemums - Definitely yes, they are beautiful after pressing! There are many types, the only ones to avoid are the green varieties.

Japanese rose (eustoma) - Very popular, but ATTENTION, it is important that they are FRESH. You cannot tell their freshness and if they have been cut for a long time or if they have been traveling to us for a long time, they very often turn yellow/brown during pressing.

Dahlias - Suitable, we take it apart leaf by leaf and the result is always beautiful.

Carnations - They are nice when pressed, so they are a suitable flower, but we would not recommend a whole bunch of them.

Kala - unsuitable, unfortunately they turn brown.

Daisies - Moderately suitable, they wither very quickly and therefore the leaves are not always straight after pressing.

Beauties - Beautiful, very suitable, but be careful, they quickly wither without water.

Craspédie - Suitable, we can handle them and they hold the crayon nicely.

Lavender - Very suitable and beautiful.

Poppy - suitable for pressing, but it really wilts very quickly, it rarely survives your wedding day.

Foxglove - Less suitable, you can press it, but the result is not always so nice (relatively pulpy flower).

Bride's veil - 100% suitable.

Ornamental Carrot/Palm - Suitable.

Hookworm - Suitable, but watch out for the pink kind, very often white.

Orchid - suitable, just be careful when sending it for damage

Ostrožka - Very suitable, holds the crayons beautifully.

Large ray - Suitable, very nice result after pressing.

Peony - 100% SUITABLE! We disassemble the entire flower petal by petal, then fold it again and the result is breathtaking, we recommend all 10.

Buttercups - Definitely suitable, a beautiful spring flower even after pressing.

Rudbékie - Suitable, but they quickly wither without water.

Rose - 100% SUITABLE! We disassemble the entire flower petal by petal, then fold it again and the result is breathtaking, we recommend all 10.

Yarrow - Suitable.

Chamomile/Chamomile - Suitable, but they wilt quickly without water.

Anemones/Anemones - Very suitable, the result is beautiful, it is important to have as many as possible in the water.

Straws - Definitely suitable, we don't press them, but put them in the paintings in their dry form .

Sunflower - Suitable, the result is beautiful.

Statice - More than suitable, flowers for pressing as done, lots of colors.

Svetlice barvírská - Unsuitable, we can press it, but the result is atypical.

Arrows - Even though they are quite 3D, we can handle them playfully.

Toulitka - unsuitable, very brown.

Tulips - Suitable 😊 Despite their firmness, the flowers are pressed beautifully, the stems and leaves are not.

Veronica (split) - Almost unfit unless fresh, they turn very brown.

Vratič - Rather unsuitable, we can press it, but it does not create a nice effect in the image.

Heather - Very suitable and handsome.

Bells - Only partially suitable, they often turn white.


Asparagus - Suitable.

Berries and fruits - Unfortunately, these pulpy berries and fruits such as blackberries cannot be pressed.

Thistles - Suitable, after pressing they are beautiful.

Herbs - Definitely suitable for pressing, but remember that they wilt quickly and need to be in a lot of water.

Eucalyptus - Definitely suitable, all its types and forms.

Fern - Suitable, be careful, but it wilts quickly, you need to keep it in water.

Poplars - Suitable, we don't always press them, but if they are not huge, we can always incorporate them into the picture.

Cereal - Definitely suitable.

Grasses + bunny tails - Appropriate and beautiful.

Italian Ruscus - Not very suitable, if possible, avoid it :) But it can be pressed.

Succulents - For example, do not burst, unsuitable, cannot be pressed.

Limestones - Unsuitable, cannot be pressed.

Green leaves and twigs of all kinds - We can press it all. 😊

If you can't find a species you like, don't be afraid to write to us and we'll be happy to tell you about our experience. 😊

Last year we pressed over 500 bouquets, so you don't have to worry that we won't be able to handle yours. We can certainly handle it, take the list more as a recommendation and definitely send us a flower even if it contains some less suitable species. Our goal is to improve our abilities, which we succeed in, so I am absolutely sure that a pressed bouquet will make a beautiful memory for you at home for the rest of your life, no matter what kind of flowers it is.

Future brides, enjoy your wedding day and we will be looking forward to your flowers!🌸

PS: Don't forget to book your appointment with us 🤍

With love for flowers, Veronika

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